LinkedIn’s New Tool will help Unemployed Professionals to find Jobs

R Praveen Kumar
3 min readOct 30, 2020


Professional networking platform Linkedin launched new tools and resources to assist people to get jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Linkedin said that it is testing a new tool called Career Explorer. The tool will help job-seekers to find new jobs by mapping their skills to open roles. And what skills they still need to build. Users are going to be directed to online learning courses to seek out new skills.

“Today, the job market is fiercely competitive and LinkedIn data shows that competition for jobs has spiked 30% since last year. In this global unemployment crisis, we are committed to helping job-seekers with proper insights and tools like Career Explorer. The new ‘Hiring’ profile photo frame will also make it easy for job-seekers to seek out open roles,” said Ashutosh Gupta, India country manager, Linkedin.

The tool also highlights any additional skills which will be required to form the transition, alongside the proper LinkedIn Learning courses to build these skills. Giving more momentum to those pivoting their careers. The new feature also connects professionals to other LinkedIn members for advice and support as they navigate the transition.

“In this environment, continued learning and investment in new skills are really critical for job seekers in order to get them back on their feet,” Karin Kimbrough, a chief economist at LinkedIn, said during a news conference.

LinkedIn is additionally introducing the new Hiring frame, which makes it easier for recruiters to signal open roles to their networks, right from their profiles. There are 14 million jobs open on LinkedIn globally. Therefore the Hiring profile photo frame will help make them even more visible. Thus making it easier for job-seekers to get the proper roles. Further expanding the number of open opportunities on the platform. LinkedIn is allowing all members to post a job for free. And this will be rolled out to all members globally in the coming months.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

Kimbrough said that companies are still hiring, but there isn’t “a massive upward surge.”

“We’re seeing some improvements, but it’s not going that quickly, and in many countries that haven’t contained COVID, hiring is probably going to hit a ceiling until a vaccine is widely available and distributed,” she said.

Microsoft estimates that 250 million jobs could be lost this year worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic has left more than 140 million out of work and another 1.6 billion in danger, LinkedIn said, citing data from the International Labor Organization.

The coronavirus pandemic is additionally changing the way people work, as employees stay at home to do their jobs. Blake Barnes, LinkedIn’s vice president of product, said the corporate think remote working is here to stay. Job seekers are ready to tap into new opportunities, and corporations have access to more talent.

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