Corona exposure Notification launched by Apple And Google

R Praveen Kumar
2 min readSep 11, 2020
COVID-19 Exposure Notification

Google and Apple have launched corona exposure notification without an app. Back in May, the original System rolled out has been used by six states in the US and around 12–15 countries since. Apple and Google have announced they’re expanding their coronavirus warning system with various health agencies without needing to create an app.

The Problem:

Contact tracing is one of the best ways to stop coronavirus from spreading. However, it is difficult to find every coronavirus patient who has been in contact with the infected ones. The contact tracing app(s) accuracy is directly linked with the number of people who downloaded and using it. The reason why many people don’t use these contact tracing apps issued by public health agencies Because users don’t have any clue about whether their data is safe with these agencies or not.

Before And After:

Public authority apps used to trace your location and you don’t have a damn idea about your data is being safe or not. With this new feature, your identity will be kept secret and your location will not be traced by the app.

The Solution :

Google came up with a solution that this feature will not trace the user’s location breaching his privacy. And the identity of the user will not be shared with others. The technology disguises the user’s identity by generating a random sequence of numbers that change every few minutes. Using Bluetooth, anytime your device comes close by with another device having opted with the same tech, will exchange their random numbers. If someones positive with the COVID-19, they can report in their app. Every phone in the last 14 days which exchanged numbers with this device will be notified that they may have been exposed to coronavirus without revealing their identity.

Look for this badge in your public authority app.

Neither Google, Apple, nor other users can see your identity. My question to you -are you going to use contact tracing apps with this feature in?